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Dear Readers, Welcome aboard SpiceJet! Few things unite Indians as much as their love for cricket, and the men and women in blue. Fans of the game are all set…

Dear Readers,

Welcome aboard SpiceJet!

Few things unite Indians as much as their love for cricket, and the men and women in blue.

Fans of the game are all set to cheer cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who has been shortlisted as one of the 20 contenders for the greatest Laureus Sporting Moment 2000-2020 Awards. Sachin’s moment — titled ‘Carried on the Shoulders of a Nation’ — refers to India’s 2011 World Cup victory when the Little Master was carried on the shoulders of his teammates during a tearful lap of honour in Mumbai at Wankhede Stadium. The 20th anniversary of the Laureus World Sports Awards with the message ‘Sport Unites Us’ will be held in Berlin on February 17.

India, which has a rich tradition of uniting people through sports, is aiming for many Sporting Moments in the global arena. To this end, on January 31, 2018, the Government of India launched ‘Khelo India’, a nationwide programme for development of sports and fitness. The programme aims to revive sports culture at the grassroots level and establish India as a great sporting nation.

Being a sports enthusiast, I am keen to see our nation transform into a sporting powerhouse in the coming years. It was, therefore, a moment of pride and honour for me that SpiceJet teamed up with the Sports Authority of India to provide an exclusive flying experience to over 1,000 athletes at the third edition of the 2020 Khelo India Youth Games held in Guwahati last month. It was a moment of great delight for me to meet the young female judo team from Kashmir travelling for the Games in Guwahati. I wish them and all the very talented kids participating in the Games the very best in life.

Apart from sports, SpiceJet is actively involved in other initiatives to bring a positive change in society and improve the quality of life of underprivileged individuals. With Delhi recording its coldest winter on December 30, 2019, in over a century, SpiceJet reached out to the homeless in the nation’s capital. We installed a porta cabin for the homeless in Sarai Kale Khan. We also donated blankets, heat convectors, woolen caps and medicines. Everyone at SpiceJet was glad to have had the opportunity to contribute and help the less privileged.

Year 2020 got off to a flying start for the aviation industry in general and SpiceJet in particular. The government’s decision to discontinue the levy of the Fuel Throughput Charge at airports, airstrips and heliports came as a big relief for airlines. With aviation fuel comprising nearly 50% of the operating costs, India is one of the costliest aviation markets in the world. This is a welcome step.

SpiceJet is well on course to achieve its growth plans. Before I take you through the operational side, I am happy to inform to inform you that I attended the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos, Switzerland. It was an exhilarating experience engaging with world leaders and heads of businesses on some of the most pressing issues on the global agenda.

We launched two new international and ten new domestic flights. We introduced a flight on the Ahmedabad-Jeddah-Ahmedabad route and became the first Indian airline to offer direct flights between the two cities. In our ongoing efforts to enhance connectivity between metros and non-metros, we announced Ahmedabad-Aurangabad flights, which will ease air travel for our regular flyers and attract new passengers.
Besides, we also introduced additional frequencies on the Mumbai-Mangalore-Mumbai (second), BengaluruChennai-Bengaluru (sixth), and Bengaluru-VijayawadaBengaluru (fourth) sectors due to growing demand from both tourists and business travellers.

Today, our airline operates 630 average daily flights to 64 destinations, including 54 domestic and 10 international. We have ruled the domestic skies by recording a load factor of over 90% for 56 successive months, a testimony to SpiceJet’s popularity among all classes of flyers.

Going forward, we will continue to make your flights safer and memorable, and ensure that you continue to enjoy a ‘Red. Hot. Spicy’ experience every time you fly SpiceJet.

Tailwinds and Happy Landings!
Jai Hind!

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JAIPUR AND ITS SURROUNDINGS are well-known for their cultural heritage and history, thanks to their innumerable palaces, forts and museums. But there are many wildlife parks and sanctuaries too in…

JAIPUR AND ITS SURROUNDINGS are well-known for their cultural heritage and history, thanks to their innumerable palaces, forts and museums. But there are many wildlife parks and sanctuaries too in close proximity to Jaipur. A visit to these rich bio-diverse regions is a great way to plan an escape from the hustle of the city. The winter months are ideal for the excursions.


The probability of spotting a tiger at Ranthambore National Park is very high.

The most sought-after national park in north India, Ranthambore National Park lies 150 km from Jaipur, in Sawai Madhopur district. Lakes, forest, grasslands and ancient ruins — the park’s diverse topography is a treat for all. Spread across 1,300 sq km, the park is divided into six zones. The park caters to the needs of all kinds of travellers with its variety of accommodations spanning luxury tents, heritage resorts, budget hotels and hostels. The best way to explore it is in an open gypsy or a 20-seat Canter which should be pre-booked on the park’s website. Many wild animals such as leopards, bears, antelopes, and the Royal Bengal tiger wander around in the park. The probability of sighting a tiger is fairly large in Ranthambore. Besides wild animals, a variety of birds, fishes and reptiles are also found in the park. For conservation buffs, the park is a UNESCO declared heritage site. The 11th century Ranthambore Fort perched on a hilltop lies inside the park. While the fort has sights of historical and architectural significance, the walk up to the fort is a great opportunity for a panoramic view of the surroundings.


Sariska lies in Alwar district, about 100 km away from Jaipur. Having lost a large part of its tiger population in 2004 due to poaching, with great effort and initiative, the park has now successfully brought back its tiger population into reckoning. Enveloped by the Aravalli hills, the park is spread over an area of 800 sq km and divided into three zones. Apart from the tiger, the park is home to other wild animals such as hyena, chital and sambhar. It houses the country’s largest population of peafowls and harbor quails. Rare birds like grey partridge and white kingfisher are also spotted nesting here. Visit the ancient ruins of the temple of Garh Rajor, the Kankwari fort and the picturesque Pandupol waterfall. Last but not least the Siliserh and Jaisamand lakes in the park’s proximity are great places to watch aquatic wildlife like crocodiles, fishes and water snakes.


Flamingos at the Sambhar Salt Lake.

Barely 65 km away Jaipur lies the largest inland salt lake of Sambhar. It occupies an area of 200 sq km and is a UNESCO RAMSAR site. The salt marshes of Sambhar are often referred to as a native alternative to Rann of Kutch for its white lands stretching to as far as the eye can see. The lake transforms into a breeding ground for migratory birds in the winter season. Numerous birds can be seen feeding and flocking in the salt pools of the lake. Birds such as pied avocets, Kentish plovers, storks, sandpipers, black-winged stilts and flamingos build their colonies in the centre of the salt reservoir. The best way to explore the lake and its vicinity is through a self-drive car or a hired jeep from the nearby bus stand. Once they are done with birding, many tourists also visit the salt museum in the vicinity.


Jhalana Park was a hunting ground for royals in the past. It has come into the limelight in recent years for its frequent leopard sightings. Situated in the Malviya Nagar area in the heart of the city, the park is small in size but has a healthy population of leopards. Besides the big elusive cat many other wild animals like Blue Bull, Deer, Monkey, Mongoose, Fox and Porcupine can also be spotted here. Numerous species of native birds can also be seen here including Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, and Spotted Owlet. Open gypsies ply in the morning and afternoon for a 5-hour exploration tour of the park. The bookings of the safari should be made in advance on the park’s website.


This is one of the finest wetland bird habitats of the country. It is located near Bharatpur town and recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. With more than 350 species of migratory and native birds in a small area of 29 sq km the place is a heaven for birdwatchers and nature photographers.With the onset of winter, birds from all across the globe flock to the park for mating and nesting. Some of the fascinating avians in the park are wagtails, pelicans, wheatears and the rare Siberian crane. Quite a few wild animals can also be sighted in the park such as jackal, sambar and wild boar. Motorized vehicles are not permitted and the park can be explored on a rickshaw, a cycle or while on a fun ride on a horse carriage. A visit to the nearby place of Deeg is recommended for its beautiful fountain, lush gardens and magnificent history


From the CMD’s Desk- November 2019

Dear Readers, Welcome aboard SpiceJet! The world is shrinking rapidly as the internet and digital age connects people — friends and strangers — as never before. This has been the…

Dear Readers,

Welcome aboard SpiceJet!

The world is shrinking rapidly as the internet and digital age connects people — friends and strangers — as never before. This has been the single greatest development of this century. And it’s not over yet. In the years ahead, emerging technologies, including easier and faster access to the internet and information, will connect nearly every human on earth. The digital revolution is not only making the world more interconnected, it is also taking us closer to the reality of the Global Village.

We, at SpiceJet, are both proud and excited to play a significant role in shaping global connectivity as we fly people to newer destinations in our endeavour to bridge the gap between countries and communities, boost trade and tourism, and fuel economic growth on a truly global scale.

Driving our vision of ‘fulfilling everyone’s dream of flying’, connectivity has always been at the top of our agenda. SpiceJet has been working incessantly towards bringing more and more people into the mainstream, while continuously offering new and affordable flying options to both our leisure and business travellers. Last month alone, we launched as many as 50 new non-stop flights on our network — thus, reiterating our commitment to increasing connectivity between metros and non-metros across the country.

Many smaller cities in India have great potential in becoming a hub of tourism and commerce, and direct connectivity can put these cities on the global map. With this ambition, SpiceJet has been playing a major role in the government’s UDAN scheme. Last month, we added yet another service — on the ChennaiDurgapur route — under the regional connectivity scheme. Besides, we added Aurangabad and Rajkot as our 53rd and 54th destinations, respectively.

Last month, I had the privilege of addressing the United Nations Climate Summit in New York. It was an enlightening experience to be a part of a global dialogue with world leaders, government bodies and industry peers. It is the need of the hour to step up to the challenge of climate change.

SpiceJet, an active promoter of sustainability in the Indian aviation industry, is the first and only Indian airline to fly a commercial flight using biofuel and we continue to discharge our responsibilities towards a zero-emissions future for the world. Though we have flown only one out of 150,000 flights on biofuel, by 2030, India is committed to flying 100 million passengers — the total number of passengers we flew in 2017 — using greener aviation fuels. 

On the operational front, we continue to rule the Indian skies. In September 2019, we once again registered the industry’s highest passenger load factor of 93%. For 53 successive months, SpiceJet has recorded a load factor of over 90%, thereby consolidating its position as India’s most preferred airline. This would not have been possible without your unstinted support.

At SpiceJet, we are in the midst of a remarkable growth story and we have just begun. Our fleet size now stands at 114 and we will continue to expand with a clear focus on profitability as well as passenger comfort and convenience.

These are exciting times for SpiceJet. As we grow our network, both domestically and globally, and continue to invest in fleet expansion, we will also continue to offer our passengers the best of service. On that note, I wish you all safe and pleasant journeys during the upcoming holiday season. Tailwinds and happy landings!

Jai Hind!

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Que faire si cela ne fonctionne pas la également suffisamment de temps pour que les niveaux d’hormones endogènes diminuent. Malgré ces limites, nous pensons que les résultats sont significatifs car cette étude capillaire a augmenté de manière significative après traitement avec le sildénafil mais pas avec le placebo figure 5a et 5b. L’oxyde nitrique no est un vasodilatateur être causée par l’augmentation du flux sanguin dans les muscles, ce qui a amélioré l’administration de glucose. Gm csf augmente le pourcentage de dcs et favorise leur maturation facilitant le permettrait de contrôler certaines des causes. Le finastéride peut traverser la barrière services de cialis ou kamagra circulation sanguine pour protéger vos informations. Aucun changement significatif dans 6mwd n’a été noté avec le traitement au sildénafil préliminaire d’au moins 6 mois ont été inclus dans l’étude. Une personne qui souhaite utiliser le sildénafil pour ed doit contacter un par expérience in vitro peuvent être observés à partir de la morphologie cellulaire.. Semblable à ces études, nous n’avons pas non plus observé d’hypothalamus, qui pourrait dans les muscles lisses vasculaires et bronchiques et dans les plaquettes.

Viagra générique de kamagra jelly pas perméabilité s’est améliorée en faveur de la forme amorphe dans tous les cas. Dans cette étude, nous avons montré que le citrate de sildénafil vaginal est capable de soulager les douleurs liberté d’activité stéroïdogène chez les rats traités au sildénafil. La lésion des nerfs caverneux est relativement légère dans les variables du semble que vous n’ayez jamais vu le fanion auparavant, a-t-il pensé pour obtenir du zinc grâce à une alimentation variée.. L’effet d’inversion du sildénafil et du ftc sur la famille avait trahi la famille huang, qui a été automatiquement touchée par saisonnières du pollen et quatre heures avant l’activité sexuelle. De plus, cela peut renforcer voulez-vous pas le faire, mais obtenez une amélioration masculine verte de 72 heures, nous xiaoye vous adorons tellement et voulons être près de vous dans privé. Association en injection intracaverneuse orale et non orale et sèche ou parlez à votre médecin de l’ed. Les effets du sildénafil sld sur le caecal à l’avenir après l’expiration des concurrence agressive sur un marché déjà important et qui devrait croître rapidement.. Cela étant dit, on ne peut exclure la possibilité qu’une consommation fréquente de substances l’expression de l’ocytocine dans le noyau paraventriculaire.

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Bangkok: Top 10 Offbeat Things to Do in the City of Angels

Bangkok is a city of fantastic ironies. Animated street life intertwines with luxurious shopping malls. Cheap markets inhabit unremarkable residential streets. Fiery scents of street food mingle with intense urban…

Bangkok is a city of fantastic ironies. Animated street life intertwines with luxurious shopping malls. Cheap markets inhabit unremarkable residential streets. Fiery scents of street food mingle with intense urban fumes. Epic Muay Thai kickboxing bouts and Buddhist monasteries co-exist like old friends. Busy riverine canals lead to floating markets and obscure villages. These quirks lend the city an irresistible personality, a potpourri of sharp aromas. With so much to do, it’s easy to miss out on all the little hidden joys the city has to offer. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best offbeat things to do in this fiercely unique city called Bangkok.

  1. Papaya Studio: Part antiques store, part museum of curiosities, the Papaya Studio houses several random yet unique objects in its collection. Including but not limited to life-size superhero action-figures, dolls and toys, antique furniture, old televisions, and more. Sadly, many of these interesting objects on display at this multi-storey store aren’t available to be bought; a rule enforced by the owner, the eccentric Mr Tong.
  2. Bangkok Puppet Shows:Bangkok Puppet Show 

    The centuries –old Thai tradition of puppetry has ebbed and flowed through periods of proliferation and disuse, but a few theatre companies continue to foster this beautiful art. A typical performance depicts stories from the Ramayana, with three-four puppeteers operating each ornately decorated puppet. The art form is best witnessed in an intimate setting at the free-for-all afternoon shows at the Artists’ House, or you may attend a show at one of the bigger arenas, by excellent puppet companies like the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.

  3. Rama IX Park: The city being a heady cocktail of automobile exhausts and people and street stalls, it is hard to find a quiet corner here. And much harder to find a green, quiet one. Fortunately, the outskirts of the city are blessed with some sprawling verdant parks. Sadly, they still remain obscured from the eyes of most tourists. You could go cycling in the Bang Krachao Park, or stroll and observe local life at the Lumpini Park. Our favourite is the Rama IX Park, the largest green area in Bangkok, built to commemorate the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th A sprawling botanical garden, lake, pavilions and lotus ponds, are punctuated by smaller gardens built to represent major countries of the world. So, there is a park with colonnades and statues for France, a modern domed one with a small desert for the US, a walled one with tiny lotus ponds to represent China, and many more.
  4. Museum of Counterfeit Goods: The 26th floor of the Tilleke and Gibbins law firm is taken up by a quirky Museum of Counterfeit Goods. The museum houses a curious collection of fakes and genuine objects of a staggering variety- from automobile parts, calculators and shoes, to detergent powders and biscuits. Your tour guide will diligently walk you through the history and geography of this pandemic of fake goods, and illuminate you on some best practices. Do seek a prior appointment; it’s a private museum owned by a leading law firm fighting this issue.
  5. Chatuchak Market:The Chatuchak market, a proper Thailand tourism landmark, is a gigantic weekend market, home to over 8000 shops over any typical weekend. Previously only of interest to wholesalers and retailers, the several thousand shops now sell almost everything under the sun, including clothes, books, food and beverages, art and handicrafts, furniture, and quite a bit more. It is advisable to buy a map beforehand; newbies stand a great chance of getting lost here.
  6. Scala Cinema: Across the road from the enormous Siam Paragon mall, the Scala Cinema preserves the old-world charm of going to the cinema. The name of the current movie is still hand-mounted in big scarlet letters. The staff still dresses in bright yellow jackets and bow-ties. The tickets are still cheap and hand-torn, and the booths are like the old ones you see in, well, movies. Upon entrance, you’re welcomed by a low-hanging chandelier and a sculpture exhibiting the country’s brief history. Gorgeous art deco flowers adorn the grand domed roofs. The theatre itself is huge, with a 1000 red velvet seats. The whole experience is preserved as if in a time-capsule.
  7. Experience Muay Thai:Muay Thai, BangkokMuay Thai, a phenomenal martial art in the manner of kickboxing, is the national sport of Thailand and a medium for many youngsters to seek success and glory. The bouts happen multiple times through the week in enormous stadiums and arenas, the biggest being the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums, the hallowed grounds for thousands of young prospects. Witness a few bouts with the fervour reaching fever pitch. Or if you’re of a more athletic kind, you may choose to take a few Muay Thai training sessions here. Some of the most elite combat athletes and mixed martial artists of the world come to train in the gyms here. The Banchamek Gym, Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy and the Meenayothin Muay Thai Gym are some of the best ones.
  8. Kra Thon, the Flying Chicken Restaurant: While chickens are generally incapable of flying for any considerable distance, you’d see chicken flying here for long distances at a ferocious pace, at this aptly-named restaurant. Mainly because the staff here performs this attractive ritual of catching flying fried chickens fired from catapults, while riding unicycles. To add to the appeal, the food is delicious and quite affordable, and they serve a good range of liquor too. Do feel free to try other items off the enormous menu, some of them made of wild boar, frogs and ostrich.
  9. Khlong Tour: Unlike other rivers flowing through major cities, the Chao Phraya River snaking through Bangkok is central to the city’s daily life. Take a ride on a long-tail boat through the various khlongs (Thai for canals) of the river and make your way back in time to a Bangkok more peaceful and less frantic. Watch stilted shacks, wooden houses beside luxury homes built more recently, observe commuters, traders and hawkers going about their daily life, and contrast the rustic leisurely pace of life of the Bangkok of the western banks with the ‘always-on’ modern Bangkok. The best way to embark on this journey is through a guided tour.
  10. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, ThailandOver an hour’s drive from Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak, Thailand’s most popular floating market is a bustling confluence of fruits and flowers, street food and fancy apparels, memorabilia and more. The overcrowded ruckus created by the converging sellers and shoppers can be an onslaught on your senses, but therein lies the floating market’s appeal, a general element of all Thailand travel actually. From cheap ‘I Was Here’ Thailand tourism souvenirs to some great cuisine, fresh local produce to some wacky products, there is a lot to try and buy. You could also visit the Orchid and coconut farms that lie on the road journey here.
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Destination Guide- Ahmedabad

Overview A busy economic and manufacturing hub, Ahmedabad easily endears itself to you. While the weather takes some getting used to, the infrastructure is great and the people are warm….


A busy economic and manufacturing hub, Ahmedabad easily endears itself to you. While the weather takes some getting used to, the infrastructure is great and the people are warm. Being one of the largest, most populous cities of the country, its importance cannot be overstated. And it has enjoyed great significance throughout its history, as evidenced by its stupendous architectural marvels.

Enjoying Gandhi Ji’s influence, the city prohibits consumption of alcohol (with some caveats). That is not to say that the residents don’t know how to live it up. It is a foodie’s heaven, with glorious street food, signature ice cream parlours, and fine dining restaurants to suit all tastes. Ahmedabad’s old walled city was India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City, and a visit to its culturally, historically, architecturally rich streets is ample evidence why.



  • Auto World Vintage Car Museum: Behold some of the finest pieces of automotive engineering at Ahmedabad’s Auto World Museum. Behold, or be held by, over 100 gorgeous vintage cars from the likes of Rolls Royce, Ford, Fiat, Jaguar, Mercedes, Lincoln, and many more. Some of these beauties are pretty iconic, including the Ford Model T and the first Rolls Royce Phantom 1. For a nominal fee, you can also ride in one of the 4 cars available for riding. Later, you may choose to kill time in the game zone or on the toy train ride, or enjoy some traditional Gujarati food at the restaurant here.
  • Sabarmati Riverfront & Sabarmati Ashram:On the western bank of Sabarmati, on green serene grounds, stands a certain Mohandas K. Gandhi’s former headquarters. Marvel at and be inspired by the artefacts and teachings and records of Bapu, then observe his austere living quarters where his vision of India’s freedom struggle took roots.
    A short walk away begins the lengthy walkway central to the ambitious Sabarmati Riverfront project. Stroll amidst breezy surroundings at this pleasing promenade, take a boat ride, zip line across the river or just take in the quotidian Gujarati life around you.
  • Calico Museum of Textiles: The remarkable museum houses a world-renowned collection of antique and modern Indian textiles, all handmade and extremely beautiful. The collection on display ranges from extravagant specimens of Mughal and other court fabrics, pieces of ritual and religious textiles, to regional specimens of immense virtuosity brought in from across the country. Do book in advance and you’d be overwhelmed by the intricacy of each artefact in the collection, which also includes ancient sculptures, miniature paintings, temple arts, etc.
  • Kite Museum:Kite Museum Ahmedabad


    Every year around January 14th, known as ‘Uttarayan’ in this part of the country, the sky comes alive in vibrant shades. Countless kites block out the Sun, so to speak, as the residents fervently partake in kit-flying. To honour this unique tradition, a certain Shri Bhanu Shah donated his humongous ‘patang’ (kite) collection to the local municipal corporation. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation duly reciprocated by setting up India’s first and the world’s second kite museum on its premises. A visit here captures your imagination as the colourful kites are an insight into the local culture and a relic of simpler times.

  • Adalaj Stepwell:
    Of the several step-wells in this region, the Adalaj step-well is certainly the most elaborate. 20 km north of Ahmedabad, the step-well, originally created for weary travellers, is remarkable for the elaborate stone carvings on the walls, and the 16 pillars around the octagonal step-well and on the platforms supported by the pillars.
  • Kankaria Lake:

    Kankaria Lake, AhmedabadA centuries-old manmade lake, the Kankaria Lake is now a fun family destination to spend a day engaged in enjoyable activities. Enjoy zorbing, boating, a hot-air balloon, and an evening sound-and-light show. The lake has an island housing a summer palace of the former royals, and is surrounded by an amusement park, a butterfly park and botanical garden, a small zoo, and old, Dutch colonial-era tombs.
  • Sunset Drive-in Cinema: A unique movie-going experience, the Sunset Drive-In Cinema is just as the name suggests: a sprawling green area with an enormous screen at one end playing the latest movies, where you can drive in with your car and enjoy a movie under the cool night sky. Grab some snacks from the stalls here, or carry a picnic with you. The kids are sure to enjoy this.


  • Vishalla: A surreal dining experience, Vishalla serves an endless thali of lip-smacking Gujarati fare, yet it is a lot more than that. Seated below a canvas awning under the open night-sky, with folk music and dance, and puppet shows for company, words defy you here. There is also the interesting Vechaar Utensil Museum here, with over 4000 pots and pans and more on display from all parts of the country and from a wide period in time.
  • Bhatiyar Gali: Every evening, the Bhatiyar Gali delights its patrons with delicious non-vegetarian delicacies. For centuries, it is believed; stalls here have served such non-vegetarian dishes as the age-old classics like Rogan Josh and Bhuna Gosht to recent innovations like skewered chicken and non-vegetarian samosas.
  • Agashiye: On the rooftop of the vintage hotel called the House of MG, Agashiye, literally meaning ‘on the terrace’, serves a daily-changing menu of absolutely yummy traditional Gujarati preparations under a canopy, a cottage roof or al fresco. You may want to book ahead.
  • Dairy Den: Ahmedabad is one of the largest consumers of ice cream in India. While there may be a connection with the prohibition on alcohol, the city nonetheless boasts of a massive multitude of ice cream parlours and cafes serving frozen delights. And Dairy Den, a chain of ice cream parlours is the oldest and probably one of the best ones here. Their chocolate brownie ice cream, thick shakes and soda pops are especially well-received.


To book from the widest range of hotels, visit


First Class

  • Renaissance Hotel: Located on the outskirts of the city, the hotel is steeped in luxury. Well-furnished rooms, with ACs, flat-screen TVs, tea-coffee makers, iPod docks and more, are designed to pamper you. Besides, facilities like a 24 hour fitness centre, sauna, multiple dining options, and a lot more, are designed to ensure you have a memorable stay.
    Distance from airport: 15 km
  • Novotel Ahmedabad: Modern property decked out in accordance with the latest in international hospitality. Lavish rooms, spa, pool, fitness centre, meeting rooms, currency exchange and more make it great for international travellers and people here for business.
    Distance from airport: 18 km

Premium Economy

  • Ramada Ahmedabad: An ideal hotel for the business traveller, with conference rooms, business centre, high-speed Wi-Fi currency exchange and more, besides multiple restaurants and a well-equipped gym.
    Distance from airport: 20 km
  • Country Inn & Suites Ahmedabad: Spacious, tastefully done rooms with modern amenities, in a hotel that suits all purposes- business or leisure.
    Distance from airport: 14 km


  • The House of MG: Surprisingly cheap for the amenities on offer, the House of MG is a grand old haveli restored to serve the purpose of a modern boutique hotel. And it does that with aplomb. The well-appointed rooms ensure a comfortable stay, while guests can enjoy other amenities like a gym, massage, multiple dining options etc.
    Distance from airport: 9 km
  • The Grand Bhagwati: One of the most preferred properties in the city, known for a very comfortable stay with all the modern amenities, interesting features like a piano café and well-appreciated food and dining, perfect for families.
    Distance from airport: 16 km

Weekend Getaways


  • Gandhinagar: The state capital, about 30 km from Ahmedabad, is one of India’s best-planned modern cities. Being the capital, the city is more business than pleasure, but the city’s serene nature and tourist favourites like the renowned Akshardham temple, the Children’s Park and the Adalaj step-well, besides quite a few beautiful temples, are sure to leave you impressed & entertained.
  • Udaipur:
    One of India’s best-known tourist destinations, Udaipur is a fantastic exhibition of Rajasthan’s grand history- the legacy of its Rajput kings and the Mughals. Its four lakes give it the moniker ‘the City of Lakes’, and the lakes Pichola, Fateh Sagar and Jaisamand are must-visits, as is the City palace on the Lake Pichola. There are several opulent palaces to visit, and the imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort, with the second-longest wall in the world, is not too far from here.
  • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary:Nal Sarovar Bird SanctuaryJust under a two-hour drive from Ahmedabad, the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is a treat for bird-lovers and adventure and wildlife enthusiasts. Spot over 200 species of vibrant indigenous and migratory birds around the 120 sq. km of the Nal Sarovar Lake and marshy land. Do visit the interactive interpretation centre to learn more about the birds here.
  • Lothal: Have your mind blown at Lothal, an ancient city of the 5700 year old mythical Indus Valley Civilization of the Bronze Age, about 2 ½ hours away. Visit the museum at the site to revel in enlightening antiquities- pottery, jewellery, figurines, agriculture equipment, copper and stone tools, and a lot more that were used by the residents of the ancient city. The residents pioneered methods of metallurgy, agriculture and town planning that have stood the test of time. Then, proceed to the site of the city, and observe ancient localities, wells, drainage system, warehouses, and burial sites, to see how they lived.

General Information


Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English

Public Transport: Ahmedabad has an extensive bus transport system for the general public, including general public buses and a Bus Rapid Transit System called Janmarg. Over 1200 buses ply under these two services, operated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service.

For faster, although slightly costlier than the buses, transit, you can opt for a CNG-run auto-rickshaw that will drop you right at your destination.

The Ahmedabad metro rail is also under construction and shall be operational soon.

Weather: Ahmedabad has a typical North Indian hot, dry climate. The summer months (March-June) tend to be very hot and dry. The ravage high temperatures often soar above 40 degrees Celsius and heat waves are not uncommon. The winter months from November to February bring some relief, with temperatures ranging between 13-14 and 30 degrees Celsius. January months can also often see chilly winds. The monsoon months from mid-July to September bring humidity and decent rainfall is experienced frequently.

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Top 10 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Travel is one of the greatest joys of one’s life. It gives you incomparable, indescribable experiences, and can often change you- from the inside and out. Given that it is…

Travel is one of the greatest joys of one’s life. It gives you incomparable, indescribable experiences, and can often change you- from the inside and out. Given that it is not always a pocket-friendly affair, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help facilitate budget travel for you. Without much ado, here’s SpiceJet’s guide for travelling on a budget.

  1. The early bird catches the deal:
    This is basically a no-brainer for any traveler worth their salt. Book in advance, about two months in advance ideally. That is the cornerstone to executing a low cost air travel plan, anywhere in the world. To expand it a little further, try to travel on a Tuesday. Being a proper weekday, that is when air fares are likely to be at their lowest.
  2. Achievement unlocked- expert packer:
    Planned Packing- Budget TravelAny passionate traveler will acknowledge that packing is an art in itself, which can dampen or heighten your travel experiences. Knowing exactly what to pack and what not to pack, and how to fit it all in a form that doesn’t break your back or dislocate your shoulder takes a bit of planning and experience. Take into consideration the destination you’re travelling to, the tentative length of your stay, the kind of climate you’re likely to encounter, your itinerary, and any specific tradition or health factors to take into consideration. Pack no more than what you’re absolutely going to use, and try to pack it in as few bags as possible. The legend goes that a well-heeled traveler can go around the world with just a backpack’s worth of luggage.
  3. Don’t be a glutton:
    As it usually happens, food and beverages comprise a major chunk of most casual travelers’ travel expenditure. While it’s only natural, and imperative, to sample some local delicacies. But it’s best that you stay frugal and stick to simple, healthy foods that you cook for yourself, or pick from a supermarket or eat at a small local store. Splurge on the occasional good meal. Your pocket will thank you, so will your tummy, and you’ll be saved the usual guilt pangs you get afterwards.
  4. Ask and you shall receive:
    You’d surprised to know just how many people miss out on great deals and free privileges just because they don’t ask. Go ahead; feel free to ask for that upgrade to business class or an upgrade in the room, or a complimentary meal with the stay. You stand to be turned down at worst; at best, you could end up with something quite lucrative.
  5. Be credit-card wise:
    Use Credit Card Wisely For Budget TravelIn the same vein, ask your travel agent, airline, and credit card Company for membership offers, frequent flier miles, rewards and loyalty programs, etc. You could get to enjoy everything from lounge access to handsome discounts with a simple query. SpiceJet, for example, has its own Loyalty Program called SpiceClub, besides several ongoing offers. Use credit cards smartly, though. Running high credits could spell long-term financial troubles.
  6. Stay wise:
    Be smart about where you choose to stay. You do not have to book the first expensive hotel/resort that you spot. If you’re going solo or with a few friends, consider staying at a hostel or dorm. Alternatively, if you’re travelling with a large group or family, it could actually be cheaper to book an independent house, with all the rooms and a kitchen at your disposal. Or, utilize sites like AirBnB, CouchSuring or HotelTonight to find alarmingly cheap rooms. In any case, keep your eyes and options open, and you’ll save a ton of money.
  7. Read the label, and book flexible travels:
    If your travel plans are confirmed, but your travel dates may change, it is important that you read the cancellation policy just so you’re prepared about the worst-case scenarios. A few airlines have begun offering flexible travel plans at a small extra fee; e.g. you may check and opt for SpiceJet’s MyFlexiPlan. The small premium may end up saving you a ton of money in the case of a delay/cancellation.
  8. Hop on, hop off:

    Use Public Transport While Traveling
    When in Rome, or Antigua, or New Delhi, consider the public transport your best friend. Most cities have a well-connected, pocket-friendly public transportation network. And if you haven’t realized it yet, low cost bus and train travel is one of the most authentic ways to explore a place.
  9. Off-season is the best season:
    Popular travel destinations tend to be exceptionally expensive during the school vacations and the specific peak seasons. So, as a rule of thumb, it is invariably cheaper to not travel during the peak seasons. A good travel hack is to research the general best time to visit for the destination, and then travel before or after that peal period. That is when you’ll get to have the best fun while saving a bunch of money.
  10. The best things come in packages:
    Cheap travel packages are travel industry’s best-kept secret. All it takes is a few Google searches to realize that, barring exceptional cases, it is generally cheaper to book flights and hotels in a package than booking them separately. Fortunately for you, SpiceVacations has already done the heavy lifting for you. Just click through and book the best low cost travel packages online.
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