Dear Readers,

Welcome aboard SpiceJet!

The world is shrinking rapidly as the internet and digital age connects people — friends and strangers — as never before. This has been the single greatest development of this century. And it’s not over yet. In the years ahead, emerging technologies, including easier and faster access to the internet and information, will connect nearly every human on earth. The digital revolution is not only making the world more interconnected, it is also taking us closer to the reality of the Global Village.

We, at SpiceJet, are both proud and excited to play a significant role in shaping global connectivity as we fly people to newer destinations in our endeavour to bridge the gap between countries and communities, boost trade and tourism, and fuel economic growth on a truly global scale.

Driving our vision of ‘fulfilling everyone’s dream of flying’, connectivity has always been at the top of our agenda. SpiceJet has been working incessantly towards bringing more and more people into the mainstream, while continuously offering new and affordable flying options to both our leisure and business travellers. Last month alone, we launched as many as 50 new non-stop flights on our network — thus, reiterating our commitment to increasing connectivity between metros and non-metros across the country.

Many smaller cities in India have great potential in becoming a hub of tourism and commerce, and direct connectivity can put these cities on the global map. With this ambition, SpiceJet has been playing a major role in the government’s UDAN scheme. Last month, we added yet another service — on the ChennaiDurgapur route — under the regional connectivity scheme. Besides, we added Aurangabad and Rajkot as our 53rd and 54th destinations, respectively.

Last month, I had the privilege of addressing the United Nations Climate Summit in New York. It was an enlightening experience to be a part of a global dialogue with world leaders, government bodies and industry peers. It is the need of the hour to step up to the challenge of climate change.

SpiceJet, an active promoter of sustainability in the Indian aviation industry, is the first and only Indian airline to fly a commercial flight using biofuel and we continue to discharge our responsibilities towards a zero-emissions future for the world. Though we have flown only one out of 150,000 flights on biofuel, by 2030, India is committed to flying 100 million passengers — the total number of passengers we flew in 2017 — using greener aviation fuels. 

On the operational front, we continue to rule the Indian skies. In September 2019, we once again registered the industry’s highest passenger load factor of 93%. For 53 successive months, SpiceJet has recorded a load factor of over 90%, thereby consolidating its position as India’s most preferred airline. This would not have been possible without your unstinted support.

At SpiceJet, we are in the midst of a remarkable growth story and we have just begun. Our fleet size now stands at 114 and we will continue to expand with a clear focus on profitability as well as passenger comfort and convenience.

These are exciting times for SpiceJet. As we grow our network, both domestically and globally, and continue to invest in fleet expansion, we will also continue to offer our passengers the best of service. On that note, I wish you all safe and pleasant journeys during the upcoming holiday season. Tailwinds and happy landings!

Jai Hind!