Travel is one of the greatest joys of one’s life. It gives you incomparable, indescribable experiences, and can often change you- from the inside and out. Given that it is not always a pocket-friendly affair, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help facilitate budget travel for you. Without much ado, here’s SpiceJet’s guide for travelling on a budget.

  1. The early bird catches the deal:
    This is basically a no-brainer for any traveler worth their salt. Book in advance, about two months in advance ideally. That is the cornerstone to executing a low cost air travel plan, anywhere in the world. To expand it a little further, try to travel on a Tuesday. Being a proper weekday, that is when air fares are likely to be at their lowest.
  2. Achievement unlocked- expert packer:
    Planned Packing- Budget TravelAny passionate traveler will acknowledge that packing is an art in itself, which can dampen or heighten your travel experiences. Knowing exactly what to pack and what not to pack, and how to fit it all in a form that doesn’t break your back or dislocate your shoulder takes a bit of planning and experience. Take into consideration the destination you’re travelling to, the tentative length of your stay, the kind of climate you’re likely to encounter, your itinerary, and any specific tradition or health factors to take into consideration. Pack no more than what you’re absolutely going to use, and try to pack it in as few bags as possible. The legend goes that a well-heeled traveler can go around the world with just a backpack’s worth of luggage.
  3. Don’t be a glutton:
    As it usually happens, food and beverages comprise a major chunk of most casual travelers’ travel expenditure. While it’s only natural, and imperative, to sample some local delicacies. But it’s best that you stay frugal and stick to simple, healthy foods that you cook for yourself, or pick from a supermarket or eat at a small local store. Splurge on the occasional good meal. Your pocket will thank you, so will your tummy, and you’ll be saved the usual guilt pangs you get afterwards.
  4. Ask and you shall receive:
    You’d surprised to know just how many people miss out on great deals and free privileges just because they don’t ask. Go ahead; feel free to ask for that upgrade to business class or an upgrade in the room, or a complimentary meal with the stay. You stand to be turned down at worst; at best, you could end up with something quite lucrative.
  5. Be credit-card wise:
    Use Credit Card Wisely For Budget TravelIn the same vein, ask your travel agent, airline, and credit card Company for membership offers, frequent flier miles, rewards and loyalty programs, etc. You could get to enjoy everything from lounge access to handsome discounts with a simple query. SpiceJet, for example, has its own Loyalty Program called SpiceClub, besides several ongoing offers. Use credit cards smartly, though. Running high credits could spell long-term financial troubles.
  6. Stay wise:
    Be smart about where you choose to stay. You do not have to book the first expensive hotel/resort that you spot. If you’re going solo or with a few friends, consider staying at a hostel or dorm. Alternatively, if you’re travelling with a large group or family, it could actually be cheaper to book an independent house, with all the rooms and a kitchen at your disposal. Or, utilize sites like AirBnB, CouchSuring or HotelTonight to find alarmingly cheap rooms. In any case, keep your eyes and options open, and you’ll save a ton of money.
  7. Read the label, and book flexible travels:
    If your travel plans are confirmed, but your travel dates may change, it is important that you read the cancellation policy just so you’re prepared about the worst-case scenarios. A few airlines have begun offering flexible travel plans at a small extra fee; e.g. you may check and opt for SpiceJet’s MyFlexiPlan. The small premium may end up saving you a ton of money in the case of a delay/cancellation.
  8. Hop on, hop off:

    Use Public Transport While Traveling
    When in Rome, or Antigua, or New Delhi, consider the public transport your best friend. Most cities have a well-connected, pocket-friendly public transportation network. And if you haven’t realized it yet, low cost bus and train travel is one of the most authentic ways to explore a place.
  9. Off-season is the best season:
    Popular travel destinations tend to be exceptionally expensive during the school vacations and the specific peak seasons. So, as a rule of thumb, it is invariably cheaper to not travel during the peak seasons. A good travel hack is to research the general best time to visit for the destination, and then travel before or after that peal period. That is when you’ll get to have the best fun while saving a bunch of money.
  10. The best things come in packages:
    Cheap travel packages are travel industry’s best-kept secret. All it takes is a few Google searches to realize that, barring exceptional cases, it is generally cheaper to book flights and hotels in a package than booking them separately. Fortunately for you, SpiceVacations has already done the heavy lifting for you. Just click through and book the best low cost travel packages online.