Dear Readers,
Welcome aboard SpiceJet!
Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, has always been an important destination on our radar. Following the crisis in the Indian aviation sector, which resulted in a severe capacity crunch and operational disruption across major airports, including Mumbai, SpiceJet made every effort to minimise passenger inconvenience. For example, since April this year, we launched 90 new flights connecting Mumbai with multiple domestic and international destinations, and last month was no exception.

In July, we announced the launch of eight new non-stop international flights to global hotspots such as Hong Kong, Dubai and Riyadh. SpiceJet is the only Indian carrier to connect the country’s financial capital with Hong Kong with a daily non-stop flight. We are also proud to be the first Indian low-cost carrier to connect Mumbai with Saudi capital Riyadh, which marks our tenth international destination and fourth station in the Middle East.

At home, we continued to work relentlessly to scale up domestic connectivity, living up to the country’s status as the world’s fastest-growing aviation market. As part of our ongoing involvement with UDAN, the regional connectivity scheme, we launched daily direct flights on the Durgapur-Mumbai route. This is our 13th destination under UDAN and will further strengthen SpiceJet’s network in West Bengal.

We flagged off the first-ever daily flight under the International Air Connectivity Scheme (IACS) connecting Guwahati with Dhaka. The daily non-stop flight earmarked a new milestone for SpiceJet reiterating our commitment on enhancing connectivity in the North East region.

Last month, SpiceJet was honoured to play a small part in enabling our Indian pilgrims travel to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage this year. During July-September, we are operating 148 special flights carrying close to 11,000 Hajj pilgrims from Srinagar to Medina and Jeddah, and back. SpiceJet is making every effort to create a memorable and hassle-free travel experience for all our pilgrim passengers.

With a growing economy, a supportive policy environment and rising income, the India growth story is set to continue and the best is yet to come. But for the country to become a vibrant aviation market, the government needs to encourage Indian carriers to fly overseas to cater to the growing numbers of Indians travelling to foreign destinations. While the number of people flying to overseas destinations has been on a constant rise, it is time Indian carriers start flying on medium to long haul international routes. This will help transform cities like Delhi and Mumbai into global hubs.
Despite being one of the fastest growing airlines in the country we are committed to offering you a Red, Hot, Spicy experience every time you travel with us. Last month too we continued to soar high in the Indian skies delivering our highest domestic market share in close to five years at 15.6 per cent. Your airline is now India’s second-largest domestic carrier.

It’s that time of the year when the entire country stands as one to celebrate our freedom, our dignity and our rights. On the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day, SpiceJet joins everyone in saluting our freedom fighters and the millions of brave hearts who laid down their lives in leading us from bondage to freedom.
Tailwinds and Happy Landings!
Jai Hind!